Miles is a prominent, award winning Australia cinematographer, uniquely proficient in advertising, documentary and drama production.

Miles’ fascination with cameras began at a young age, discovering the joys of 35mm film stills. In these early days he spent endless nights experimenting with light and long exposures on the family Pentax camera. This grew to a love of time-lapse photography and his first foray into filmmaking was contributing this unique skill to bigger productions.

As a documentary DoP, his credits span all the major global broadcasters, working on many original productions across the globe. Miles is renowned for pushing the boundaries of filmmaking with a great emphasis on capturing stunning visuals and naturalistic lighting for factual and highly stylised documentary genres. His appetite and experience for adventure also makes him an indispensable asset for productions with challenging access and conditions.

In the advertising world Miles is a well regarded practitioner with many campaigns for high level Australian brands. In this field, his name is synonymous with naturalistic imagery, prominent lensing and successful execution of challenging briefs. He is an innate problem solver and combines new technology with simple tried and true in-camera solutions.

Miles has collaborated on many Australian drama productions including Hotel Mumbai and The Turning, blending his experience of high end Advertising and documentary to contribute seamless cinematography to the projects.

Miles is a passionate environmentalist, committed vegetarian and spends much of his spare time with his young family in the outdoors


Miles has always been fascinated by stories and had a knack for telling them since he was a young child. This has wonderfully translated to film making and loves using this medium for sharing great stories.

His style is one of naturalism, honesty and stunning visuals.

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Minelab Vanquish Features

2020 - Silver - Corporate

ResourceCo - 'Waste Never Wasted'

2020 - Silver - Corporate

SAPOL - Drug Drive 'Meth'

2020 - Gold - TVC

National Pharmacies - 'Christmas Wonderfully'

2020 - Silver - TVC
(International / National)

25zero: East Africa

2019 -Gold - Documentaries

Adelaide University Medical Story 

2018 - Bronze - TVC

The Power of Sound

2018 - Gold - TVC
(International / National)

Kathmandu - Engineered to Endure 

2018 - Silver - Corporate

Adelaide Football Club -'We Fly As One'

2017 - TVC - GOLD

Quality Foods  Australia -'The Story of Wagyu'

2017 - Gold - Corporate

Good Studios AW17 Film

2017 - Gold - Corporate

Suburban Samurai

2016 - Gold - Short

Motor Accident Commission - 'Share The Road'

2016 - Gold - TVC

Tourism New Zealand - Wanaka

2015 - Gold - TVC
(International & National)

Flinders University -'Go Beyond'

2016 - Silver - Specialised

The University of Adelaide - 'Walks of Life' 

2013 - Gold - TVC

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