I have a long history in cinematography starting with a keen interest in 35mm photography as a child. In these early days I spent endless nights experimenting with light in long exposures on an old Pentax. A major focus of these shots was of the night sky, learning from my uncle - the astronomer Malcolm Harley

Merging these skills with cinematography I became an proficient in time lapse, shooting for TV Commercial campaigns and 2nd unit for many Australian movies.

In my 20’s I moved into advertising as a Director of Photography. I've excelled in this and continue to shoot campaigns for many Australian and New Zealand brands. Some examples including Qantas, Tourism New Zealand, The University of Adelaide, iSelect and Baby Einstein.

As a Documentary Cinematographer I am a regular contributor to multiple factual shows for networks like Netflix, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, CBC Canada and MBC Saudi as well as content for travel brand World Nomads. I'm currently working on 2 feature length documentaries including Molly Reynold’s 'The Life and Death of David Gulpilil’ as well as my own project titled ‘25zero’, a film about the 25 mountains of the equator with glaciers. Both are due out in late 2020. 

As a drama cinematographer I've worked extensively in Australia contributing to such films as Hotel Mumbai, The Turning, One Eyed Girl and The Boys In The Trees

I'm a passionate environmentalist, committed vegetarian and spends lots of time in the outdoors.

I hold a CASA issued drone license and regard myself as one of Australia’s most capable time lapse photographers.


I've always been fascinated by stories and have had a knack for telling them since I was a young child. This has wonderfully translated to film making and I love using this medium for sharing great stories.

Most recently I've worked extensively with the prosthetics company Ottobock in telling the stories of their incredible ambassadors. In addition I've captured many of the magical stops on the Indian Pacific and The Ghan for Great Southern Rail. Outside of Australia I'm often working with World Nomads travelling the globe and showcasing some incredible destinations to inspire us all to travel. 


Gold Awards

Motor Accident Commission - TVC

'Share The Road'

Tourism New Zealand - TVC


Flinders University TVC

'Go Beyond'

The University of Adelaide - TVC

'Walks of Life' 

Future Health Leaders -  Digital

'2015 Conference'

Suburban Samurai - Short

The City of Perth - TVC

'Get To Know Me Better'

Northern Territory Government - TVC

'Territory Day' 

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