World Nomads 'Discoveries' - Nepal

Series Director

Director: Miles Rowland
Production: Where Next?

Religions in Harmony

Travel to Nepal with Will McCloy from World Nomads as he discovers the joyful, personal and harmonious acts of religion that are a part of everyday Nepalese life. Buddhism, Hinduism and Tantrism are all the building blocks around which the entire society is built, but there’s much more to the religions of Nepal than meets the eye. Join Will as he participates in the month-long Hindu Swasthani festival, speaks with a monk at a Tibetan Monastery about enlightenment, and visits Boudhanath, the stunning Buddhist stupa that encapsulates the spirit of Nepal. 

Flavors and Food

Travel with Will McCloy from World Nomads as he tastes the menu of Nepal and satisfies his senses with spice and flavour. Discovering the food of a new country as locally as possible is a highlight for many travelers, and there’s no culinary experience quite like the one Nepal offers. The influences that come together, from places including China and India, create a fusion of flavors in dishes that also have their own Nepalese stamp. Join Will as he discovers the food that fuels the nation, Dal Bhat, eats his weight in momos, and learns the traditional way cook water buffalo. 

Kathmandu: Beauty and Chaos

Travel with Will McCloy from World Nomads to the chaotic epicentre of Nepal, Kathmandu, the first touch point for many on their journey to the Himalayas. Learn the significance of historic sites including Durbar Square, and experience a sensory overload at Asan Bazaar, where the smells, sounds and sights overwhelm. Immersing himself in the city’s life, and finding some wonderful local connections along the way, Will discovers that when it comes to Kathmandu, there’s an abundance of beauty in the chaos.  

Miles Rowland ACS

Miles Rowland is a Cinematographer and Director of Photography based in Sydney, Australia.

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